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Hello and welcome to the one and only site for The Midnight
Movie. If you somehow found this site, please don't be
confused. This site is for a little cable show that airs
in the Cleveland area via Cablevision.
Thanks for coming to our site.


Eric doesn't know that he is about to be canned by dave!

Three things you need to know about

The Midnight Movie.

First, the hosts of the Show are
Dave and Eric.

Second, the show has it's own personality!

Third, there is no third thing to know about the show.

A long lost crew member looking for a new set?Time To Touch The Sign

Let me tell you a little bit about The Midnight Movie. It's run by a small group of insane people that love... strike that. It's better to be up front about it. The people that run it are just plain insane. Why? Because we produce a weekly show with no money. The Cleveland area has a long history of movie hosts. Dave and Eric are the latest to venture into this realm. They are two normal guys that have fun even when they fight (which is most of the time) and are always looking for new ways to make people laugh. The show has been on the air for over six months now, but people are just starting to watch, so our first month being on air was just a waste.



Dave and Eric pride themselves on
being truly original to the Cleveland area, thing is this only works
when they get to the studio on time. Due to
popular demand (We got two letters last week and boy were
we swamped) Cablevision has decided not to cancel the show
but rather add more times that people might have the chance
to see the show.

The show will now air at the following times:
Saturdays at Midnight
Mondays at 8:30pm
Tuesdays at Midnight
Fridays at 4pm

After reading our new times (we'll not all the times are new just
Mondays and Tuesdays are) why  do we still call the
show "The Midnight Movie." Well, that's easy. It's not the time
of the movie but the type of movie that we show that
gives us our name. Does that make it any clearer? (Clear as
mud) And with that, read on and thanks for stopping by.


Will Rex Ever Get His Set Back?
Watch Out Eric,  I Will Get My Set Back!


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